We offer tailor-made expansion joint solutions for process maintenance uses, installation and maintenance services and site surveys. In addition to experience and professional know-how, our strengths include excellent pre-planning, which means interruptions to normal operations are as short as possible. This is also supported by preliminary inspection visits, the ability to react to problems and manufacture products quickly – even on-site.

We also offer expansion joint maintenance contracts tailored to the customer’s needs: examples include in-service inspections of expansion joints, thermographic analysis and written reports; listing of all expansion joints, their IDs and technical specifications; maintenance and repair plans; expansion joint maintenance and repair work or installation supervision, follow-up inspection and reporting.

We always maintain customer-specific maintenance history and all related documents, which allows us to work independently at the location when necessary. Occupational safety is as important to us as it is to our customers. We always make sure that we have the appropriate equipment and protective clothing and we provide our staff with regular training.

Our products include, e.g.:

– fabric expansion joints
– fan expansion joints
– spiral reinforced expansion joints, protection bellows
– rubber expansion joints
– metal expansion joints
– flexible metal hoses


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